KCAU TV coverage of the community meeting

Sioux City’s KCAU TV (Channel 9) did a great story on the big community meeting turnout that has shut down the city council’s expansion plans…for now.  Some memorable quotes:

It’s a strip of the highway that’s been undergoing makeovers for decades. First it was 2 lanes, then 4, now it’s down to 3 lanes. But there was discussion by the City Council and the DOT to expand it to 5 lanes.

Sioux Center City Council Member David Krahling is quoted as saying “the traffic counts” are “not a significant problem today.”

It’s noted that we came to the meeting with 300 petitions from Sioux Center residents opposed to the expansion. That number has gone up a lot more since then. Thank you to everyone who rapidly returned those letters with your signatures! We will be taking them to the DOT personally.

Another great quote, and so true:

A lot of people came out for this hearing Wednesday night, most of them walked out happy.

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