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KCAU TV coverage of the community meeting

Sioux City’s KCAU TV (Channel 9) did a great story on the big community meeting turnout that has shut down the city council’s expansion plans…for now.  Some memorable quotes: It’s a strip of the highway that’s been undergoing makeovers for decades. First it was 2 lanes, then 4, now it’s down to 3 lanes. But there […]

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Council tables five-lane expansion project in Sioux Center

Sioux Center citizens spoke out in a united voice, and their city council responded. About 400 citizens packed the room at a Wednesday, March 27, public hearing in Sioux Center. The meeting was called to present the city’s plans to expand US 75 to 5 lanes, but instead, the council announced it was tabling the […]

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March 25 Press Release

This press release went out last night/this morning: “Sioux Center citizen group takes to the streets to stop Main street expansion.” Feel free to redistribute.

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5 lanes will kill 6 times as many people

The Portland, Oregon Metro Regional Government issued a Safety Report in 2012 showing that 5 lane arterial streets have an injury crash rate 10 times higher than 3 lane arterials, and the fatal or incapacitating injury rate is 6 times higher with 5 lanes. (See page 30 of the report.) Streets with more lanes have an […]

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Expansion controversy covered on KMEG

Late last month, KMEG covered the growing controversy over the proposed Main Street expansion in Sioux Center. They talked to residents concerned about the high costs and the threat to safety, both of which loom as long term negatives for the town if the expansion goes through. KMEG also noticed the disagreement between the City’s […]

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