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TIFs = Higher Taxes without Representation or Growth to show for it

This is the conclusion from “Tax Increment Financing Growth in Iowa” by Dave Swenson and Liesl Eathington, Department of Economics, Iowa State University, April, 2006. Tax Increment Finance districts are a large and rapidly growing component of Iowa’s economic development infrastructure and its property tax base. This report shows that the amount of valuation contained within TIF districts is, in the […]

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TIF Abuse and Tax Reform Resources

The Iowa Fiscal Partnership (IFP) is fighting for TIF reform in Iowa because TIFs have gotten out of control in Iowa cities.  The IFP notes that in the 1980s, “Iowa cities were allowed to start using TIF for economic development, broadly defined,” instead of being restricted to renewal projects for old housing stock and commercial […]

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What’s a TIF?

This short video by the North Dakota Policy Council describes what tax increment financing is along with its origins and the problems associated with it.

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