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Facts and information about safety and risks associated with street expansion.

Road Diets are one of FHWA’s Proven Safety Countermeasures

Road Diets are one of Federal Highway Administration’s “Proven Safety Countermeasures.” This means our own Main Street’s reduction from 4 lanes to 3 is frequently encouraged by the FHWA and State DOTs for safety reasons. This is known as a “road diet.” From the FHWA’s safety website: The classic roadway reconfiguration, commonly referred to as […]

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AARP: Let’s put an end to streets that are “Dangerous by Design”

In 2011 a report called “Dangerous by Design: Solving the Epidemic of Preventable Pedestrian Deaths” was released by the AARP and Transportation for America. The AARP has made pedestrian deaths a point of concern because it is disproportionately older adults who are killed. Recognizing it is often poor street design that does not account for people […]

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Top Highway Safety Expert Says Lane Expansion “Will Increase Both the Number and Severity of Crashes on US-75.”

The following information was provided to Sioux Center Citizens for Responsible Growth by Tom Welch, an internationally recognized safety expert who was the head safety engineer of the Iowa DOT and the project manager on the nationally acclaimed “road diet” for Sioux Center, when Sioux Center reduced Main Street from 4 lanes to 3, reducing […]

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5 lanes will kill 6 times as many people

The Portland, Oregon Metro Regional Government issued a Safety Report in 2012 showing that 5 lane arterial streets have an injury crash rate 10 times higher than 3 lane arterials, and the fatal or incapacitating injury rate is 6 times higher with 5 lanes. (See page 30 of the report.) Streets with more lanes have an […]

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More lanes = more deaths

In the same DOT study showing the success and popularity of Sioux Center’s reduction to 3 lanes on Main Street, there were also case studies showing the negative results of expanding from 2 to 4 lanes. When Fort Madison, IA made such an expansion their accident injury rate went up 88%! Their estimated total value loss […]

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